• FLEX Staff

Zaritza mesmerises on her latest release ‘When I Want It’

\With a proud reputation for delivering bold and enticing dark-pop offerings over the last few years, Russian singer-songwriter Zaritza is now back to her best as she unveils her breath-taking new release ‘When I Want It’.

Capturing more of that same magic she delivered on her brilliant 2017 self-titled debut album, ‘When I Want It’ is a rare delight in her catalogue to date. Mixing a diverse flair for trip-hop-inspired beats and atmosphere, it takes us on this wild journey straight to the heart of her raw and passionate self.

Adding about the track, “When I Want It is a celebration of female sexual freedom. It’s written from the perspective of a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to sing about her sexual desires and who finds joy in her self-pleasure. She does it when she wants it and how she wants it, without any fear of judgement or shame. She loves herself and isn’t afraid to express it”.

Zaritza has been on the precipice of greatness for a long while now, and it feels like this new single is just what she needs to push her deeper into the international arena.

Listen to ‘When I Want It’ below.