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Zito releases love-fuelled EP ‘Wanna See Red’

One-to-watch Zito has unveiled her debut EP ‘Wanna See Red’. Expanding on the vulnerability and rose-tinted perspectives of her initial singles ‘Slay’ and ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’, the artist has brought four new tracks to the project, each one equally as lush in design. An eclectic mix begins with ‘Away’, the groovy brass bounce followed by choppy and seductive ‘Gutterlove’. The title track, ‘Wanna See Red’ features funky and glittery pop atmospheres whilst ‘Witchcraft’ is a pained reflective story told through soft neo-soul sensibilities.

Zito explains, "I am so ecstatic that we finally get to share this project with the world. These songs were all experiments in production, where I wanted to capture atmosphere and imagery in the sound and create a sonic landscape unique to each one. Hopefully listeners are transported the way I was working on them.

I'm especially psyched to get to share the Wanna See Red video, which was the collective effort of an incredible team of friends and creatives, and we finally get to celebrate their hard work and vision. I couldn't be more proud and grateful.”

By the release of this debut project, Zito is already igniting a stir in tastemakers. Her blend of experimental and familiar sounds balanced with rich vocals and relatable lyricism is an exciting combination.



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