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ZOE embraces a euphoric atmosphere on the soaring new single 'Sun'

With a sound that is always looking for broader and more immersive avenues in which to explore, Australian artist ZOE has been a keen pioneer to bring contemporary pop music into a solarpunk aesthetic. Her previous outings 'Prelude' and 'Fire' set the stage for what was to come, and now she looks to continue her ascent as she delivers the euphoric new single 'Sun'.

Much like what we have heard from her already, 'Sun' brings another vital layer of sprawling energy to her dynamic repertoire to date. Brimming with this wonderfully warm and effervescent direction that elegantly elevates her rich and powerful vocal performance throughout, she is continuing to prove herself as one of the more enigmatic names on the rise right now.

While the song's focus remains in a light and ethereal nature, there is this incredibly slow yet captivating progression running the length of her latest offering, giving it this beautifully alluring sound from beginning to end. Brimming with such a tantalising approach to both songwriting and production, she has built this wonderful distinctive style that oozes innovation at every turn.

Enjoy 'Sun' below.

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