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Zuko Hardy presents his unique alt-trap sound with 'Out In The Hills'

Zuko Hardy takes on a meaning of experimental with his soft and enriching approach to trap music. The South Asian London based artist's new single 'Out In The Hills' is exactly this, as he broadens the horizons and touches on hip-hop, trap, pop and rap in this infectious offering.

"The song explores how I want more from my life, but my thoughts and feelings are trying to hold me back... Throughout the song I am faced with a sense of conflict as I seek an answer to my problem 'tell me I'm right, tell me I'm wrong.”

It's effortless and seamless from Hardy, who completely owns this song and the music around it. Fans of Drake will love this pop-rap exploration with the heavy trap beat, and Zuko Hardy may just be onto something pretty special with this potent combination of sonics which you can oh so easily float away with.

Stream 'Out In The Hills' in full here:

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