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5 Songs We Love w/Sarah And The Sundays

If you're looking for some bops to be soundtrack of your summer, look no further than Sarah and the Sundays new EP, "Half Way Home," the first body of work since their 2019 debut record "So You're Mad About The Cups".

Crafted during quarantine, "Half Way Home" navigates themes the five-piece indie rock band experienced while stuck at home. "Half Way Home" came about rather naturally, almost falling into our laps," the band stated. "Although the EP is only four songs, it touches on a variety of topics. From "I'm So Bored", a quite literal song about the mundanity of quarantine, to "Miss Mary", a metaphorical song about trying to quit old habits, we hope the concoction of themes gives something for every listener to relate to."

To celebrate the release of "Half Way Home" we asked the band to share some tracks they love. Check out their list below!

Quinn: Psychics in LA by Peach Pit

Been listening to this one since release day. The song has a real high-energy drive to it on top of an awesome drum part that I can’t stop listening to. The 6/8 verses add a really sick feel to the song that really place emphasis on the straightforward and rocky choruses.

Liam: Skylight by Pinegrove

This song has been such a comfort song for me since I found it a few years ago. The lyrics are optimistic and supportive, lifting me from any bad spirits I might be in. I even have the word “alright” tattooed on my hand as a reference to this song.

Brendan: Something by The Beatles

I was raised on The Beatles, and “Something” has always stuck with me as a perfect song. George has always been an inspiration to me and every time I hear “Something” I love him a little more. It has the first guitar solo I learned and I love playing it to this day. The Beatles were a major reason I started playing and listening to them is still one of my favorite joys.

Miles: Love and Happiness by Al Green

This is a song I rediscovered recently, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. I have always been attracted to instrumentals in songs more than anything, and this track really highlights that for me. The tone of the instruments and the way they are tastefully blended together, creates such a unique and cohesive sound that never disappoints.

Declan: Ditmas by Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons was one of my favorite bands in middle school and high school. I loved all of the folksy stuff that they had out. But when they released their third album, Ditmas immediately stood out. I loved the guitar tones and the in-your-face drum pattern driving the song. This song changed what I wanted out of the music I listened to, as well as the music we make.

Check out Sarah and the Sundays new EP "Half Way Home" now

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