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Daemon shares broody new track 'The Bad Time'

A slick offering from a seasoned storyteller, ‘The Bad Time’ is Daemon’s most stirring single yet.

Crooning over broody guitar plucks, a snappy click track and punchy percussion, his richly textured vocals are hypnotic, with a refined finish that is habitual for the artist. Dabbling with grunge, trap and R&B, the rhythm is deliciously diverse, with his genre-blending reflective of his impeccable artistry. Inspired by a difficult period in the rapper’s life, he elaborates on the heartfelt lyricism of the song, quoting “The love of my life was killed some years ago. Her sudden death shook me to my core, and even though I've tried to move on every year when the anniversary of her death rolls around I can't help but fall into despair. I've taken to calling it "The Bad Time." This song tries to contextualize those feelings through more common loss of love language and the things that may or may not have happened in my romantic life since she passed”.

Not one to be defined, Daemon is a musician who never stays in his own lane, instead creating new ones. A frequent collaborator with the likes of Killer Mike and DJ Shadow, he is rapidly becoming one of the industry’s biggest breakout stars, with his smash hit ‘Hard To Say’ racking up over 350,000 streams on Spotify alone. With his work featured on Netflix and FOX, as well as commercials for Mini Cooper and Sephora, Daemon is a name you won’t forget this year.

Tune in to 'The Bad Time' here:



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