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Already Late are a true embodiment of musical diversity and innovation. At the core of their music is a fusion of guitars that span genres, catchy hooks delivered in both English and Japanese, funky bass lines, and drum beats as energised as a punk rock show in full swing.

But their musical experimentation doesn't stop there; they seamlessly incorporate electronics and even the ukulele into their repertoire. This genre-crossing and bilingual approach set them apart, promising exhilarating live performances that resonate with a diverse range of audiences.

Their latest single, 'Noctis,' is a testament to their genre-defying spirit. It's a luscious blend of progressive, metal, rock, and power pop, all expertly woven into one cohesive and mesmerising track. What truly sets 'Noctis' apart is the dynamism of its songwriting, a testament to Already Late's ability to push boundaries and transcend genre limitations. The song takes the listener on a captivating journey, where eccentricity, fun, and infectious energy converge to create a musical experience like no other.

We sat down with these two to learn more about their craft, 'Noctis' and much more, exclusively for FLEX!


Hey guys, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing?

B-Stixx: Hey FLEX! Thanks for having us! I’m doing well!

Johnnie: Yo, Yooo~ glad to be apart of this

How did you all meet?

B-Stixx: I met Johnnie at Penn State. We were both Juniors at the time transferring from branch campuses. We were in the same acting class. The weekend before we started class, there was a showcase for the new incoming students. I saw Johnnie sitting with the same cool, calm, and collected energy other than the freshman that were not jaded haha. I went up to him, introduced myself, and it's been dope ever since.

Johnnie: I can confirm that this story is 100% true haha!

Who are your biggest influences as a group?

B-Stixx: As a group? Oooofff man! I feel like we have sooo many that we both are inspired by collectively and individually. I would say MCR, PUP, Paramore!

Johnnie: I’m gonna go ahead and add Enter Shikari to that list haha!

Describe your music in three words for us please?

B-Stixx: eclectic, colorful, relatable

Crossing the borders between Japanese and English rock infused with prog and punk, where did this unique sonic approach derive from?

Johnnie: pieces of all those genres and cultural elements make up a large portion of the playlists I’ve had on rotation for as long as I can remember—at this point, any time I hear a new sound or discover a new interest, I try to apply it to our sonic palette.

Your new single ‘Noctis’, we absolutely love it! What is this song about?

B-Stixx: I feel like this song has so many layers to who we are and where we want to go but I think, to me, it's about knowing your worth and working every day towards your goals.

Johnnie: Also, a big part of the track touches on the growing pains that come with life’s daily struggles and that almost never-ending grind we experience while trying to make it out of adolescence in one piece.

What was the recording and writing process like for it?

B-Stixx: Oh, it was so fun! We got to work with the amazing Vanessa Silberman. She also mixed and mastered the track. She made us feel super comfortable to throw out our ideas and saw so much potential with the track.

Johnnie: I think, even in its initial stages (which was just two guitar tracks I had recorded in the backseat of my car), ‘Noctis’ showed a lot of potential. Because of that, we really took our time with it and enjoyed ourselves every step of the way.

Your music has a real nostalgic quality about it, do you think about this when writing?

Oh, 100%! One of our biggest themes is time and what happens within that time physically, mentally, and emotionally hence Little Kid Dreams & Overdue. We are always looking back on our journey and either celebrating that or even talking about the trials we face. I think that's what makes our music relatable.

Johnnie: It’s honestly not intentional haha! But yeah, most of the subject matter in our tracks relate to our past experiences, so the sounds generated from that are products of the time they were conceived.

And lastly, what are your plans for the rest of this year?

Our plans are to continue to celebrate Noctis and get ready for 2024 because we have some really cool things coming including LOSERCON :)

Stream 'Noctis' in full here:


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