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4 Eva Noir delivers R&B and Hip-Hop vibes with his new track ‘Hold The Night’

South Africa native 4 Eva Noir gives us a dose of atmosphere and synth energy on his new track ‘Hold The Night’. The track’s funk bassline is there to get you grooving while 4 Eva Noir’s soulful and futuristic vocal melodies are sure to go down a treat with R&B fans.

Describing the new track, 4 Eva Noir shares: “This is music that is rhythmic and has the soulful acheings of the blues…the soul of this track is not lost but merely morphed into a crossbreed of genres, one that has allowed a space for a ‘hip-hop’ artist to indulge in their synth/R&B vocalist dreams.”

4 Eva Noir is clearly a fan of both old school hip-hop and more contemporary styles and this slick new track perfectly blends the two as he offers up empathy and encouragement in a fickle society.



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