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  • Nova Holmes

5 Artists I Love w/ Jayneto

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, affectionately named Charm City, rising artist Jayneto is well versed in the art of sonically charming production. Armed with the distinct drawl of his hometown, and following three storming releases already this year, the unique talent has recently returned to the fold with a highly anticipated collaboration. Featuring Seattle local Travis Thompson, who invites a fresh perspective and playful sound into the fold, the two young rappers are joined forces with their new offering ‘Rodeo’. We wanted to learn more about Jayneto's influences, so we asked which five artists most inspire him.

ZERO 9:36

I love that he completely switched from being a rapper into a full blown rock rap artist. His aggression is what makes me interested in him as an artist.


His melodies are absolutely fire on trap beats!


His vocal is crazy, the way he switches up singing to sing rap is kinda insane. His tone is also very very dope.


He is Toronto's best kept secret, very similar to Anders, yet he rides soulful beats in a crazy authentic way.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is not scared to break down barriers, which is so inspirational. He’s not hesitant to share what's on his mind, and to propose controversial ideas. In a world where many are worried to speak their mind, Lil Nas has no qualms about living boldly.

Stream Jayneto's most recent release 'Rodeo' below:



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