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5 Songs I Love w/ Sali

Brooklyn-based artist sali took the time to chat with us and share her favourite songs with us around the release of her latest track "BODY".

1. Guilty Pleasures by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

"I’m obsessed with this whole album, front to back. But right now, this one is hitting. With the lyrics, “Now I know the nights are getting colder, guilty pleasures are holding us together,” it makes me think of the changing seasons and what we do to cope. I think this song is a reminder that it’s normal to keep doing the weird little things that make us happy. UMO is huge inspiration for me lyrically, narratively. They rock."

2. Periódico de Ayer by Héctor Lavoe

"Not a new one, but one of my most listened to songs this summer. Héctor Lavoe is a legend; and I’m in love with horn and string parts and how they evolve. On a mission to get better at salsa with my friends, and this song is all the inspiration I need."

3. Same Team by Labrinth feat. Stefflon Don

"I’m such a Labrinth super fan that I got a demo of it in his newsletter like three or four years ago. This chorus is everything. For me, it’s a reminder to make songs around this kind of earth-moving melody. And that choruses don’t need to have lyrics. Sometimes they’re better without. I think the finale is one of my favorite moments of Labrinth’s production. So explosive and joyous."

4. Otherside by Perfume Genius

"Production goals. Perfume Genius is so amazing at giving us pop that’s experimental. I listen to this when I want shivers. You’ll know what I mean when you hear the drop."

5. Hummingbird by Eryn Allen Kane

"Love this song. Eryn Allen Kane is one of my heroes. I think she’s one of the best vocalists on the planet. I just learned that she wrote this song about a little girl she met on a delegation to Palestine."

Listen to sali's new track 'BODY:


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