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5 Songs I Love w/ SD The God

We caught up with afro-pop riser SD The God following the release of his suave new single 'Believe' - he's hand picked 5 of his favourite tracks right now that would work perfectly on a playlist alongside his fresh cut. Listen below and don't forget to listen to and save 'Believe'!

1. It's Plenty - Burna Boy

This song is one of my current favorites because it's so catchy. The lead, the instruments, everything is just so catchy. Even if we listen to the lyrics, they're just too relatable for you not to feel some sort of emotional connection to the song. One of my favorite lines from the song is “Don't want to waste my days, I want to spend them on enjoyment” That's really my vibe. Always enjoyment because you must chop life or life will chop you.

2. Tie That Binds - Drake

Crazy that this is one of my favorite songs because when it first came out, I wasn't necessarily a huge fan. The project was just different and I wouldn’t classify myself as a hater but it was surprising to say the least–I was thoroughly surprised. It took several listens of the entire album for me to say that this was my favorite song on it, and when I say favorite, I mean “everyday listen to it in the shower” favorite. I’ve deeped it. I think the pre-chorus is really what gets me because it's very simple, yet so dynamic. I also think that the guitar in the chorus takes me somewhere very lofty and it feels like it's an escape.

3. IDG - Asa

Afrobeats is always in my heart. This song is in my top five right now because it takes stress away. I think Asa’s voice is incredible and at times it feels effervescent, like it's fleeting. I also really do like the compliment Wizkid adds to the song, I think it fits in beautifully with the entire vibe. It really does make me feel careless, without a worry in the world.

4. Certified Loner - Mayorkun

This song takes me to a sad boy era. I really enjoy this song because it reminds me a lot about the songs that I create. The funny thing about afrobeats and afro-fusion is that oftentimes the songs are about heartbreak and sorrows, but they have too much of a catchy beat that you have to dance to them. This is without a doubt one of those songs. It just makes you want to dance, even if it's inherently a sad song.

Talk about a song that makes you feel dreamy. This song is one of my favorites because it takes me out of whatever situation I'm in and makes me think that I'm above it. It makes me feel like I'm traveling…You know that feeling you get when you're on vacation, in transit and you're looking outside of the airplane window and you're up in the skies thinking there's no one else up there but you at that moment. That's exactly what this song makes me feel. It's also so easy, so light, and very delicate on the ears. It’s beautiful.

You can stream SD The God's latest single 'Believe' below:



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