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  • Kenny Sandberg

5 Songs I Love w/ Taylor D

We sat down with Taylor D after the release of her stellar new EP 'Fan Girl', to discuss what influences shaped her unique sound. Be sure to check it out at the bottom and follow her on her journey!

Ed Sheeran - Photograph

Photograph by Ed sheeran has very meaningful, emotional and personal feelings that most of us who have experienced loss can relate to. The acoustic song Is basic with just guitar and background piano but adds to the beautiful atmosphere in the song

The 1975 - I'm In Love With You

The 1975 have many relatable songs but I'm in love with you Is one of my personal favourites. its about struggling to express feelings regarding love . Having struggled with confidence myself and being shy I would have never expressed emotion so can empathise with the lyrics.

The Script - Nothing

Nothing by the script revolves around a failed relationship which doesn’t end in the best terms, a very typical pop song, but the lyrics are put in such a way which somehow makes the forever cliché of the troubled relationship fresh.

It reminds me of my own track 'Strangers Again'

Cian Ducrot - Heaven

I find Cian Ducrots song heaven to be a song you can imagine being sang along to in an arena, and could easily bring goosebumps to your whole body with its breezy chorus and emotional sentiment

The Vamps - Risk It Al

The protagonist is in love with his partner and is willing to do anything for her, even if it means risking everything. He believes she is the one for him and would rather face any obstacles and challenges, including the fear of getting hurt, than not have her love at all. He is ready to fight for their love and won't give up easily. I've heard this one live several times and it just cuts deep with emotion.

I think the moral of the story here is I love sad bangers !



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