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5 Songs I Love w/ The Wattles

Following the release of their emotive new single 'The Wrong Idea', we caught up with The Wattles lead singer Lucy Murray to find out more about some of the artists that inspire their sound. Check out her selection below and if you like them you're sure to be a fan of the new single. 1. Florence and the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Florence Welch and her Machine have been my favourite band since I was 15. There’s just something so strong, unique and magical about their music overall but this track in particular has a real place in my heart. This one perfectly captures all of the elements of their songwriting that I love - the slow build, vocals that just cut through, the chorus, the big drums, the orchestral outro… just stunning. 2. Teeks - Wash Over Me

Teeks is an incredible Māori artist and his voice is a real stand out for me. I watched a live version of this song before I listened to the track on Spotify and I think I watched it eight times in a row. His voice is just unlike any other artist that I’ve heard before and I love the simplicity of this one. As an Australian, I also find it comforting and inspiring to listen to Australian and New Zealand artists. 3. IDLES- Samaritans

IDLES just have the most unique, surprising and empowering energy and I LOVE the message behind this song. Using heavy and seemingly angry-man music to talk about toxic masculinity and kindness is just so clever to me. The video is also excellent - as is all of their creative outputs. “The mask of masculinity, is a mask, a mask that's wearing me” is such a powerful lyric. 4. The Jezabels - Easy to Love

This one is another absolute classic female-led indie/alternative band that has really influenced me as a person and a musician. Featuring fierce vocals from Hayley Mary, this track is just a super iconic Australiana indie piece of heaven. I recently saw them live at The Enmore in Sydney for their Prisoner Tour (7 years after the last time I’d seen them) and it was a really powerful but comforting moment to hear this track in all its glory again live. A perfect driving song. 5. So Long - Georgia Mulligan

Georgia is a fellow Sydney singer-songwriter and I absolutely adore this track and more so everything that she creates. Her style, simplicity, harmonies, tone, lyrics… all of it is just really strong. ‘So Long’ tiptoes between beautiful and calm to stripped back and emotive and I really love the light and shade in this one. I look up to her as an artist a lot and can’t wait for what she releases next.

Listen to 'The Wrong Idea' below:

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