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5 Songs I Love w/ To Hell With Traditions

To Hell With Tradition, the musical pseudonym for solo indie-electronic creator Achim Hofmeyer has recently released his new album 'Blurred', a spellbinding collection of songs demonstrating intricate synth heavy instrumentation and thoughtful, intellectual lyricism. Achim's unique writing style and innovative ideas left us intrigued to know more about what music inspires him. Over to Achim to give us 5 of his faves:

1. Future People – Alabama Shakes

Well, the whole album (Sound & Color) is absolutely brilliant, and Brittany Howard’s vocal performance is just out of this world. But it’s this almost ridiculously gritty bass that makes this track so special to me.

2. I Won’t Be Found – The Tallest Man On Earth

Yet another artist that makes it hard for me to just pick a single favourite track. I am always amazed by the intensity Kristian Matsson is able to convey with just his voice and a guitar. This is one of those songs that has the magical power to make me feel understood.

3. Sergei Rachmaninoff Prelude in G Minor Op. 23 No. 5 – Emil Gilels

Ok, technically, this might not be considered a song, but given the emotional impact this particular piece has had on me every single time I hear it, I cannot ignore it on the list. To me, the dynamic range, the expression, the bittersweet key makes this one of the most beautiful piano pieces of all time. While so many great pianists simply rush through this one or kill the natural flow by introducing the weirdest accents in an attempt to showcase their technical abilities, Emil Gilels genuinely pour his heart and soul into this performance.

4. Death Of A Clown – The Kinks

This one has been with me as long as I can remember. I cannot recall a single time listening to this song without being touched to tears. Even before I was able to understand a single word Dave Davies sings, this song has deeply resonated with me.

5. Rainy Taxi – Spoon

Just one of so many great Spoon tracks. I love these layers of grit and dirt over the entire arrangement. Whether this was achieved with emulations or actual analogue gear cranked till the needles burst into the red – this sound is truly enviable. Also, the bridge in this one is subtly and effortlessly brilliant.

Watch the video for To Hell With Tradition's most recent single 'Eggshells' below:


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