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5 Songs I Love w/ common goldfish

We caught up with indie-shoegaze artist common goldfish, who seems to be causing quite a stir with his unique nostalgic style that blends Stone Roses with Tame Impala. We wanted to find out more about the Tottenham based troubadour, so here are his 5 songs that he loves, exclusively for FLEX!

1. Step On – Happy Mondays

"What an iconic piano part! I love this track so much. It’s downtempo, yet so upbeat, and it just stirs this almost childish sense of mischief, fun and freedom. It transports you to that early 90s era, everything baggy, Madchester and the glory days of the Hacienda! Sadly a bit before my time, so I can only imagine what it was like..."

2. Khruangbin – Evan Finds the Third Room

"I love Khruangbin. They were the soundtrack to my life for a good few-years. I can’t get over how they can create such a depth of sound with just a single guitar, bass and drums, and they only record what they can play live! This track in particular, brings back beautiful memories of a trip to Snowdonia with some close friends, just before lockdown. It feels like a tribute to old-school funk. The directness of the beat and bass line, combined with the very rhythmic guitar line and playful vocals – it just immediately lets you know you’re in for good vibes!

Also one of the best music videos I've seen."

3. Girlfriend is Better – Talking Heads

"I love Talking Heads. I’ve recently been going through their albums and they’ve got some absolutely timeless tracks. Girlfriend Is Better is one of those songs that I could listen to anywhere. I’ve heard it played out a few times and it just goes off! It’s got great energy and a great hook, but the thing I love the most is that it is so layered, with so many different elements and random sounds that are combined with purpose creating a perfect balance of space and groove."

4. Dance Yourself Clean – LCD Soundsystem

"For me they’re one of the best acts I’ve seen play live. They create a euphoric atmosphere with so much energy, and James Murphy is just a presence on stage. This track almost seems to stun the audience. The long drawn out buildup, the increasing tension and the anticipation, it sends shivers down my spine! When that beat and synth line drops, and then the vocals come in, it’s all consuming!"

5. Reckoner – Radiohead

"I remember first hearing the In Rainbows album when I was a teenager and being blown away. Hard for me to single out a stand out track. Jigsaw Falling into place, 15 step, Weird Fishes.. the whole album is mind-bendingly good! There’s something about the warm and soft electric guitar plucks in Reckoner over that rough and dirty break beat that gets me though. I think I definitely have a nostalgic attachment to this song, I used to rinse it when I was younger!"

Check out common goldfish's latest single 'On The Sidelines' below too!


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