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5 Songs I Love w/Jennifer Juliette

It takes a powerful & strong multi-talented singer-songwriter to release a debut single like "Small Voice" and Jennifer Juliette fits that description perfectly. Her recently released debut channels the rich and textured direction that years of classical influences have imprinted on her as she tackles a very important and personal story. We asked Jennifer to let us know some of the tracks that she loves & finds inspiration in which you can read below!


This Czech song has an almost Asian influence in the strings that really drew me in. The flowing style of electronic percussion was also very interesting to me, to give the song a lift behind piano/strings. The cello sound especially was something I wanted to bring into Small Voice, to enhance the emotion.

2. May It Be - Enya

The Celtic influence I get from this - and my own roots - has massively featured in the melodies I use in my own writing. The light melodic singing is something I bring into my work every time, creating a contrast with power choruses.

3. Minefields - John Legend and Faouzia

That powerful chorus with lower harmonies on the strong beats is something I have always loved the sound of. I added similar thirds or fifths on the “small voice” lyrics in the choruses.

4. Gwahoddiad- Lewis Hartsough

This Welsh tune dates back to 1872 and it has a melody that I always refer back to when I’m in the flow. I sang this at Baptist churches in the Welsh valleys since I was about 5 years old! I once even duetted with my father. The memories and the Celtic lilt really put me in the right frame of mind to compose.

5. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

You know that big run at the end? Where she sings “you cut me OPEN and I-“ and holds that forever? Yes that’s what I was going for at the end of Small Voice! That powerful moment where you can really use your range and full voice to express how you’re feeling!

Listen to Jennifer Juliette's new single "Small Voice" now!



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