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5 Songs I Love w/ Paul Numi

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Following the release of indie rock artist Paul Numi's new album 'Parallel Lives', we caught up with the musician to find out more about what music he loves and what influences his sound. If you love the tracks featured, be sure to check out 'Parallel Lives' below!

1. The War on Drugs – “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

The War on Drugs is one of the best current rock bands around. Their fourth album, “A Deeper Understanding”, deservedly won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. The new single “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” confirms just what a great songwriter singer Adam Granduciel is. He again manages to create that melancholic atmosphere on which his band seems to own the patent.

2. Bloc Party – “I Still Remember”

Quintessential Britpop. It’s just a wonderful song and one of my all-time favourites. Everything is right about: wonderful guitar licks and excellent lyrics that must surely strike a chord with those who wish they had had the guts to speak up to a girl or boy at some point in their lives. Instead, the moment slipped whereas “our love could have soared over playgrounds and rooftops”.

3. Fink – “Looking Too Closely”

One of the songs I wish I had written myself. It has a musical build-up that drags one in deeper and deeper until it creates intimacy. It is music for the night; for when one lies awake thinking through some actions taken in life. Perhaps, when it comes to some things, one might prefer to live in denial instead of “looking too closely”. Yet, always better to confront the harder truth versus the easier lie.

4. The Clash – “London Calling”

I bought the album based on the sleeve alone. The cover art showing bass player Paul Simenon trashing his Fender Precision Bass is now considered one of the best rock ‘n roll pictures of all time. The music didn’t disappoint either and lived up to the sleeve’s promise. Right from that very first E minor guitar chord, you know: this is great music. Today it sounds as good as it did late 1979.

5. The Haunted Youth – “Sweet Teen Rebel”

This is a new band from Flanders (where I currently live – miss the UK though). I thought it would be nice to include something unknown for readers to discover. The guitars remind the best of The Cure. It’s a great song to put on when driving, just when the autumn day turns to twilight.

Paul Numi's 'Parallel Lives' is out now! Check out the music video for lead track here:

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