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5 Songs I Love w/ Rain Jamerson

Last month, indie soul and funk artist Rain Jamerson released his debut LP A House Where the Light is Master. With funky bass beats, uplifting lyricism, and his classically soulful vocals, Dublin-based Luke Fitzgerald draws inspiration for the project from the music of yesterday - and today! 60s and 70s funk serves as a basis for Fitzgerald's sound, with notes of modern hip-hop, r&b, and electronic music.

We sat down with Rain Jamerson to discuss his favorite tracks, and how they have influenced his recent release.

1. ''Bittersweet'' by Meshell Ndegeocello

"The smoothness, the vibes. It's a really joyful song for me to listen to.....can't help but stand up and bop whenever it comes on. As a bass player at heart, what really stands out in Meshell's playing, apart from the obvious energy, is the restraint.....such a badass and she knows it. What a groove. "

2. ''Call The Tune'' by Meshell Ndegeocello

"As you can tell I am having a pretty serious Meshell moment. The scope of her work is monumental. 'Call The Tune' is an incredible piece of music that instantly moves something at a deep spiritual level."

3. ''The Goose'' by Parliament

"The most silly but brilliant lyrics and a groove that is as stanky as it is timeless. Crazy to think it was recorded nearly 50 years ago, still sounds fresh AF. Love you George!"

4. ''Playing your game, Baby'' by Barry White

"Probably the coldest groove ever committed to record. It just sounds like total mastery to me. Incredibly inspiring to catch a glimpse of what is possible."

5. ''We Almost Lost Detroit'' by Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson

'This song is a masterpiece. I must have listened to it a million times over the lockdowns. I got to see Brian Jackson perform it live earlier this year, it was such a joy to witness that performance. Catch him live if you ever get the chance."

Stream A House Where the Light is Master across all platforms, today.



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