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  • Wes Duncan

5 Songs I Love w/ Rilo Wye

LA-based indie pop artist Rilo Wye perfectly combines analog elements with the natural shimmer of real instruments. Originally from Honolulu, his music is influenced by a mix of Rastafarian and surf-punk culture. He recently released his debut EP, Better for Whatever Reason, which showcases more of the dreamy, atmospheric sound he's quickly becoming known for. We wanted to learn more about Rilo Wye's influences, so we asked what five songs most inspire him.

1. Carnival - Sam Valdez

Well first off, I’m literally in love with Sam Valdez. Second, this song and recording is pure magic at it’s finest. It always captivates me every time I listen to it.

2. Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen

I’m such a fan of Leonard Cohen’s songwriting and lyrics. There’s just a timeless presence about it. This one has so much depth and weight and I love reading the lyrics along while listening.

3. PPP - Beach House

Just one of the greatest indie bands out there. They have so many beautiful songs but this one really pulls me in. Pure vibe.

4. Jesus Freak Lighter - Blood Orange

Because it’s a brand new song and it is just amazing. I also love Blood Orange in general and feel he creates such a unique irresistible sound.

5. Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead

This song is amazing but honestly if I could put the whole album I would. In Rainbows is definitely one of my all-time favorite albums. There is just so much intention and experimentation while serving the listener and maintaining humble. The rhythm section throughout is just off the chart. I have always and will always come back to this album. Another timeless piece

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