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5 Things inspire me w/ Siddartha

Move over Drake, there's a new rapper coming to you from Toronto. Siddartha has just dropped his bold new single "6uddha", a slick, dance-focused rap number thats glowing production nods towards fellow Canadian, Kaytranada, and is not one to sleep on.

Emerging onto the music scene last year with his debut release “Midas (Money Will)”, Siddartha delivers expertly produced tracks and vibrant narratives - depicted through his skilled lyricism. Compared to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, he has rapidly been garnering attention and acclaim; already being featured as an artist for Toronto's Half a Concert.

Following the release of "6uddha", FLEX caught up with Siddartha and detailed five things that inspire him and his artistry.

Other Artists

I think it's important for every artist to study their craft. Honestly it's hard for me to not listen to music without trying to pick it apart and understand why it works or doesn't. As for artists that influenced me the most, I would say Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole had a huge impact on me musically because I was in highschool when they all blew up. I'm a lyricist at heart so I respect them all deeply in that regard.


Fun fact when I was young I used to want to go into acting. I was in a specialized theatre program in highschool and loved acting a lot. This is because movies have always had a profound effect on me. To this day they still do. I always leave full of ideas when I watch a great movie or tv show. Especially from the soundtracks. Lord of the rings was probably one of the first movies that really left an impact on me. Now I use my acting experience to script and act in my own music videos.


I have been involved in street dance since I was 15 (Popping was my main style). Because of how closely related music and dance are, dance has had a huge impact on the way I look at music today. Especially when I make my beats. I had no talent when I started dancing but I loved doing it so I found the right teachers and practiced a lot. (Shout out to my teacher Freekwen-C). Before I knew it I was teaching professionally and competing and winning in battles both nationally and internationally. Knowing that, I felt like I could learn anything as long as I put in the work. So looking at other dancers who are dope always lights a fire in me.

Siddartha takes to the floor


I'm a huge anime head. I've probably spent a good fifth of my life consuming anime and manga. I saw Naruto and Dragonball Z as a kid and I never looked back since. If you name any acclaimed anime I've probably seen it. But If I had to pick, I'd probably say that my favorite anime would be between Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Mob Psycho 100. I get a lot of inspiration from there, especially aesthetics.

My Brother

My older brother Prashant was the one who introduced hip hop to me and has always been a huge influence in my life. To me he was always the one who was going to be the next big rapper to change the world. After he passed away in 2014 I decided to take up the mantle and pursue music in his stead. To this day he is the reason I do everything I do from dance to the music. He's definitely the backbone of my passion and perseverance.

Siddartha's brother Prashant

Listen to Siddartha's new single '6uddha' below

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