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9-piece collective seeyousoon drop latest rap masterpiece 'Faster Please'

Continuing to make waves in the rap world, seeyousoon have completely changed the game. The 9-piece super group hailing from Florida recently formed in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, innovated with their own original mixture of ideas from all 9 creatives, resulting in hard hitting, fiery rap music for fans of Anderson .Paak and many more.

Their latest release 'Faster Please' showcases all of the groups many talents. The song begins with a familiar high tempo and tight snared drum beat, and then flows into the signature style that seeyousoon possesses and flaunts with style and a confidence that can only be admired. Each artist seems to take their turn in spitting their own rhymes in this fun-filled party anthem. Watch out for seeyousoon, because they'll fly past you and you'll miss the boat.

“We wrote “Faster Please” in the middle of quarantine. We hadn’t been together to work on music for a few months so it felt like this song really jumped out of us. It speaks to how much we love the early 2000’s hip-hop that influenced all of us in one way or another.” - seeyousoon


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