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A kaleidoscope of entrancing, progressive rock textures: 'Seasons' album by Nonviolenze

The new album from Nonviolenze is 'Seasons'. It is a beautifully crafted album which unequivocally pleases the ears and offers some respite from everyday life. Nonviolenze is a multidisciplinary creative talent who writes songs with colour, much like his accompanying paintings

The album is a kaleidoscope of entrancing, progressive rock textures and calls to mind the artist's colourful paintings he accompanies with each of his songs. Make sure to check these out on the artist's website. Having released multiple singles from 2012 to 2019, and a unique acoustic-electric first album in 2020, Nonviolenze returns with 'Seasons'. Growing up in India, the artist grew a following as lead vocalist within popular band Down Sterling, before expanding his horizons and pivoting to the rock opera stage. He later turned towards musical theatre, performing in concerts for world peace. Nonviolenze’s team comments on the origins of the album: “Seasons is a tribute to the Paternal Sun, Mother Earth and their four offspring’s – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. As the Earth circumambulates the Sun, the intensity of the sun’s gaze on the tilted planet gives birth to the four sibling seasons. But even the Seasons, whose celestial beauty steals the hearts and minds of many, are bound by the wheel of birth and death for they reincarnate year after year till the end of time.”


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