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A life in the music industry and how you can get started with Remi Harris

This week we talk to Remi Harris MBE, a true industry legend with an amazing career reaching to various sides of the music industry - From AIM to UK Music Remi has a wealth of experience, which we talk through in this latest episode of the Liberty Music PR podcast.

We take a look at Remi's career and ways that you can learn from her experiences, as well as discussing parenthood whilst working in the industry and some of the struggles that independent artists face when starting their career and being able to attain funding for their career and team.

Remi Harris MBE has 20 years’ experience working across the music & creative industries as a senior manager, trainer, facilitator, coach and business adviser in the UK and internationally.

She was General Manager of Association of Independent Music and Director of Operations at UK Music, is co-founder of YGN (Young Guns Network) the professional network for young people in Music and is qualified with an MBA (Masters in Business). She is author of the book: Easy Money? The Definitive Guide to Funding Music Projects in the UK (2013). Clients include Somerset House Trust, The Barbican, Metal Culture, Small Green Shoots, The Musicians’ Union, PRS Foundation, Creative United and many individual artists.

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