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A Rising Star: Connor Mac Is Making Moves

24 year-old Connor Mac is an exciting talent with an increasing global following, and his latest single ‘Purpose’ shows the depth of his strong song writing abilities with its beauteous perspectives. His musical influences include John Mayer, Little Feat, Leon Bridges and The 1975.

"Purpose", explores feelings for someone that have been denied and buried deep, but are bound to resurface when that person is seen again. The song was written and recorded in his home studio in Switzerland. Connor hails from New Zealand. Half British, which allowed him to travel and find his feet in Europe.

"The narrative point of view switches between verses to reveal the vulnerability of each person, removing any concept that one may be more to blame than the other. Their longing, pain and emotions are shared. There’s an honest desperation which runs through the lyrics and bleeds into the vocal melodies and harmonies. I hope the song resonates with something people may be feeling or a past memory". CONNOR MAC

Listen to 'Purpose':


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