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Abi Flynn returns as a solo artist with brand new visuals ‘Courage’

After having many years of success as a session vocalist/ feature singer, Abi Flynn returns as a solo artist with a brand new track entitled, ‘Courage’. The talented singer, who wrote the track whilst having treatment for cancer, stylishly showcases her vulnerability and her inspiring positive spirit in this soulful masterpiece.

The eye-catching debut music video, which was shot while she was 8-months pregnant,

following her healing, delivers an extremely powerful message and depicts her entire journey

from death, to life, to new life, in a stunning artistic narrative.

Abi Says, “Courage is a song I wrote when I was going through extreme adversity, and I found

my greatest courage was in allowing myself to step into my full creative expression and shine within that, despite my circumstances. I wrote the song when I was having treatment for cancer and shot the video at 8 months pregnant, shortly after healing. The subject very much explores the concept of 'Alchemy', using our hardship as the raw material to step into our greatest gifts. It is a testament to radical self-love and celebration of life and womanhood in every chapter. ”


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