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Absentee releases heartwarming new single “Feeling Myself”

Absentee has firmly cemented himself in the Irish rap scene. This comes after receiving a warm welcome from his two previous projects 'Love Letterz of an Absent Mind' & 'Absent Hives.’ Absentee has always tried to create a safe space in which his audience can find solace within - substance abuse, toxic masculinity and trauma are some of the topics discussed in his music.

His latest single “Feeling Myself” is infectious. Energetic drums smash through the mix, creating an infectious groove that is formidable when paired with a bass. Colourful synths land on top of the drums, creating a swirling pot of melodies that seemed soaked in sunshine. Absentee’s vocals land softly on top, narrating well-penned lyrics and promoting a positive message.

Speaking further about this, he shares: “When I wrote this song, it was a sunny morning in May, just at the start of summer, I was off work for the day and had no plans - it was perfect. I woke up feeling happy with how life was going, this was a strange new sensation and since then it has been happening more frequently. "Lately I'm not feeling myself, not killing myself" was the realisation to me, that I was doing something right because I wasn't feeling bad, anxious or stressed about how my life was at that moment, I chalk that up to making music.”

When it comes to performing, Absentee is no amateur, after his first few support gigs, the first of which was in August of 2021, he quickly gained a core fanbase and built momentum to host his first headline event in the Workman's club in Dublin, selling out the venue. With an infamous live show partnered with his well-written tunes, the Irish rapper can take this to the very top.

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