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Adam Mohamed releases catchy new single 'Stuck In Traffic'

Adam Mohamed wants to make his mark on 2022 with his newest single 'Stuck In Traffic.' A melting pot of R&B and rap, the signature stand out feature here is his voice. Synths reverberate warmth through throughout the track, working alongside an infectious drum beat. On top lies his unique vocals which features a mixture of melodies and rap bars, enticing listeners in even further.

Speaking on his new single, Mohamed says:“I was in the car driving along the coast with my girl and son in the back. We got stuck in a long queue of traffic. I took a glance in the rear-view mirror and thought to myself 'this isn't too bad'. Once you have the right people around you everything else will be good. The song came to me straight away, naturally. I didn't have to do too much.”

Adam is an Irish-Sudanese recording artist from Ballymun in Dublin. Debuting in early 2021, Adam released 'Untitled', a spoken word film about growing up mixed race and mixed religion in working class Dublin. The piece went viral gaining over 400K views and has been studied on the Irish school curriculum. Adam has since been expanding into melodic hip-pop, blending spoken word style lyrics and universal themes, with vibrant instruments. This exciting new artist has already achieved some fantastic accolades and shows no signs of stopping. With much more ready to be released we cannot wait to hear what he has next in store.



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