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Adar Alfandari creates a mesmerising indie folk-rock sound on his debut album ‘Gold Dust’.

Using both distortion and organic sounds, Adar Alfandari knows his sound through and through and isn’t afraid to run with it. Whether you’re looking for a soothing acoustic flavour or some hazy, throwback indie-rock sounds, Adar is sure to have something for you as he fuses the two genres together seamlessly. His lyrics are personal and reflective, providing an intimacy that will draw you in even deeper with vocals that are sweetly soulful and full to the brim with personality and thoughtfulness.

After cutting his teeth with his previous band ‘Dor Hamabul’ on the alt-rock circuit, Adar Alfandari is moving into a different direction with nods to his previous life, showing where he came from and where he is going.



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