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  • Ellie McGuire

Addessa Presents New Single 'Mirame'

Emerging music artist Addessa grew up in both Italy and Brussels. She draws inspiration from her diverse background. She was raised surrounded by a rich tapestry of Latin traditional music, the energetic sounds of the ‘80s, and the soulful melodies of the ‘90s pop and R&B.

Not only have these musical inspirations influenced her genre, but they have also permanently altered her artistic trajectory. Addessa is a musician ready to advance her craft because of her strong bond with her ethnic background and her resolve to break down barriers via her music. Her goal is to create a distinctive musical fusion that captures the lovely blending of her Ecuadorian, Italian, and Brussels cultures while also connecting with her listeners.

The Italian and Ecuadorian songstress released her brand-new single ‘Mirame’ on November 23, 2023. The track features bass, drums, piano, and Addessa’s captivating vocals in the ballad which expresses a mix of love and sadness in the production.

When Addessa‘s producer showed her a track they had composed, she was inspired to write the lyrics. However, they added additional parts to the song and worked on it for a while until the finished version came together. ‘Mirame’ is a sincere and unvarnished release that conveys her feelings and experiences from all throughout her life.

Speaking of the track, Addessa comments, “It’s about loss, losing someone you love, whether in a romantic or platonic way. It is an expression of my personal experiences and emotions. It's raw and honest.”

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