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Addi P returns with the wonderfully woozy new single 'Not Finished Yet'

Photo: Harvey Williams-Fairley

When she released her breakthrough debut EP 'Highest Good' last year, London-based singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Addi P was greeted as one of the more innovative names emerging from the capital that year. With such a brilliantly diverse mix of aesthetics and ideas throughout that four-track collection, she is ready to advance on the next stage in her career as she returns with the wonderfully woozy new single 'Not Finished Yet'.

While the overall aesthetic of 'Not Finished Yet' has a brilliantly warm and inviting aura to it, the true standout moment of this new outing is Addi P's own distinctive presence throughout. Casually moving between some beautifully tender vocals and a riveting rap flow within this new release, she has once again shown herself as a multi-talented visionary rising the ranks right now.

Although 'Not Finished Yet' still remains in that breezy neo-soul-inspired direction she first emerged with, there is this exceptional confidence in her work this time around, giving it a far more engaging feel throughout. With such an incredibly easygoing groove running its length, this is definitely one to crack out when summer finally hits.

Enjoy 'Not Finished Yet' below.



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