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Adi Tude drops new alt R&B single "Bad Company"

Following the release of his well received self-written and recorded debut EP “Theme Park”. Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Producer & Engineer. ADI TUDE returns with his new alt R&B offering “Bad company”

Produced by himself, “Bad company” is about coping with a drug addiction from an addict’s perspective. “Saluting your friend for pursuing a life of sobriety, even though yourself might be ''stuck in the mud'' ADI TUDE explains.

With his mellow tone, thought-provoking lyricism and pulsing chords complimented by the mid-tempo instrumental “Bad company” showcases ADI TUDE’s limitless vocal range and sets the perfect tone for listeners to get more acquainted with him as he takes them on a journey through the steps of the addict’s journey to recovery.

This main message in this single beckons for listeners to read between the lines, and trust the process and keep positive no matter what the outcome may be. Given the year we’ve had this song couldn’t be more fitting.

ADI TUDE started producing beats and writing songs, in his early teen-years. Moving out at the young age of 16, ADI TUDE was able to hone in on his music career. In 2016, he learnt how to produce music. Then in 2018 was a part of a singer/producer duo ''ADEE''consisting of MAS (now IMFINE) as the producer, and ADI TUDE as the vocalist. Later on that year the duo still managed to release 5 songs, but then decided to part ways infinitely.

With no intentions of slowing down, ADI TUDE is focused on forging a new lane for his musical ambitions as an alternative R&B artist.

Listen to "Bad company" here.


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