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Adria Kain Shares Dreamy New Single 'Ocean (Reprise)'

Ocean (Reprise)’ is gorgeous, soulful and dramatic experimental R&B track packed with powerful emotion in it's absorbing atmospheric soundscape. A rework of the track which started it all for Toronto artist Adria Kain, this awe-inspiring stripped version of the single hits the mark on many levels.

A track which thematically see's Adria align with her identity as a queer black woman and musician, the track has a naturally empowering feel captured in it's cinematic production. Not a drum in sight, 'Ocean (Reprise)' relies on airy electric guitar, deep bass, subtle synths and Adria's warming vocal to carry itself, which it does with a hypnotic ease.

Speaking on the single, Adria said:

“It’s beyond me how this song came full circle. I remember where I was in life when I first wrote it years ago. I knew it was a good song, not quite my favourite, but it had an important message that I think even went over my own head. I wrote it from a place of sadness. I wanted to create a voice for myself. One that I could run to whenever there was no one else. One that would create a platform big enough for me to exist in without boundaries, like the Ocean, because what’s bigger than that really.”

‘Ocean (Reprise)’ will feature on Adria Kain’s new album, When Flowers Bloom, released 28th January 2021.

Reflecting on how and why ‘Ocean (Reprise)’ is one of the most important songs on her forthcoming album Adria added:

“I never imagined it would grow to bring me here. I manifested the idea for my album When Flowers Bloom five years ago with a completely different concept in mind, but it ultimately turned into a journey of growth, and through that I was given a real opportunity to share my story, exactly the way I experienced it. With each song came a lesson and a shift, without me even realizing until now. Ocean was the beginning. It’s the first song that brought me recognition in places I’d only ever dreamt of visiting and now it’s become my platform. The experience that came with the creation of this song has been one of the most difficult, but the end result makes it all worth it. With a perfect reminder of one of the most important themes of my entire album, Ocean depicts vulnerability & accountability. A story on running away from an old love to find a new, without closure or full healing. This is me taking the first step toward renewal. An open opportunity for me to take accountability for the things in my life I felt I had no sense of understanding or control over in the moment.”

With a whole heap of tastemaker acclaim, Adria has been gradually building herself into the worldwide star she is inevitably going to become. Listen to 'Ocean (Reprise)' below.



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