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ADUDA releases infectious single "Makeup Bag"

ADUDA has always had a way with words, managing to develop her craft at the age of 13. Her love for words quickly prospered as she realised the way that it impacts emotions and touches people. ADUDA also learnt how to play the guitar, piano and ukulele, both talents merging together allowing her to craft irresistible tunes. In fact, her love for lyrics even taught her a new language (her first language is Portuguese).

ADUDA is sure to make 2023 her year with her latest release "Makeup Bag." The track features a colourful melting pot of grooving drums, irresistible bass lines and understated backing vocals. Her vocals are colourful, infectious and work hand in glove with her talented lyricism.

Speaking further about the single, she says: “I never really had a social life when I was younger, and found a way to escape my reality by writing whatever came to my mind and keeping it to myself. But on Makeup Bag, the lyrics and the melody came at the same time in my head, so I turned it into a song instead.

ADUDA’s love for words and passion for music hasn’t changed much since her youth. Her songs are sincere and highlight emotions, struggles and insecurities in an attempt to create a safe space in which her fanbase can find solace within. A proud Brazilian, ADUDA will do everything she can to reach the top and inspire those around her.


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