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ADUDA releases soulful single ‘Shortcuts’

ADUDA has been writing songs since the age of twelve, combining her love for writing with her love for singing. She grew up in Brazil, where her first language was Portuguese, and used old songs on the radio as a gateway to English. Over the years, she’s build up experience playing guitar, piano and uk

ulele. ADUDA never ‘got into music’, music found it’s way to her.

Her latest offering comes in the form of ‘Shortcuts’ a track filled with lyrics that will tug on your heartstrings. It features electric guitars drenched in chorus to pair with the impassioned vocals. The track is inspired by a world in which talent can be over-looked if individuals don’t have an entry into the industry.

Speaking about the single, she says: “I had the words “shortcuts” stuck in my head for weeks and knew I had to write a song about it. I came up with the chorus first, then Gary helped with the lyrics of the first verse while I was coming up with the melodies. After the first part was done, I wrote the rest based on what we already had at the time. The hardest part was the bridge at the ending, I had a few rhymes but wasn’t sure what to do, so Gary came up with the idea of a “duda rap”, so I could sing a bunch of verses in a short amount of time, and Henrique came up with the final melody

of the song, so I could end it with my lyrics.”

ADUDA brings across sincere and emotional topics whilst allowing fans to share a deep connection with her songwriting. It’s clear she will do all she can to reach the top.

'Shorcuts' is out on streaming platforms now! See below:

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