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Airmow releases entrancing new track 'MABRE'

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Antonin Lemiere, AKA Airmow describes his latest single ‘MABRE’ as being “more minimalistic than the others [singles released by Airmow previously], but regardless of that simplicity, we still feel completely lost in an oppressive and destabilizing world within the song.”

Airmow says he longs for the track to “plunge fans into a new, mysterious and enigmatic universe”. To me, the track does indeed transport me in a way that I can’t quite put my finger on. And that is what took me back to Spotify to have another listen - to me, the song encapsulates that cold, strange feeling of not quite knowing where you’re going, what you’re gonna do next but knowing it’ll all stabilize.

MABRE, the french translation of ‘marble’, may possess a more minimalistic approach in comparison to some of Airmow’s past offerings - but it also showcases a growth and ease in his ability to show raw emotion through his production choices, which is something I believe we'll continue to see throughout 2022.

Keep an eye out for Airmow’s debut album coming this spring.



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