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Aisha Badru delivers her sweeping new single 'A Little Mad'

After following up her much-loved 2023 EP 'Learning To Love Again' with a string of uplifting gems in recent months, US artist Aisha Badru is back to her vibrant best once again with her sweeping new single 'A Little Mad'.

Set to feature on her upcoming new album, which is due out later this year, 'A Little Mad' sees her continue those shimmering textures she is known for. With its powerfully emotive vocals and progressive production throughout, she is returning to us with a truly spellbinding delight.

Adding about the track, she said, “This song reflects my observations of modern times. We're born into a system we're conditioned to accept, even if it fuels our struggles. In many ways, we're trapped by our own compliance. But this song isn't about giving up. As an artist, my key message is: we can break free from these norms that deprive us of wellbeing. We can change our lives, and by extension, the world around us.”



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