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Akarti releases fresh new single ‘Addicted’

Though starting music in 2014, conveying his thoughts to paper and forming rhymes around them; Akarti set off in 2020 pandemic lockdowns to start a career in music, with an array of singles now backing up his discography.

Back with a high-energy drill banger, Akarti has just released his latest track ‘Addicted’. Bouncing and crisp snares are paired with hard hitting 808s and a catchy sped-up pop guitar samples to craft the beat. Akarti brings a catchy hook, versatile flows that blend elements of drill and hip-hop together. Confidence is present throughout, riding his ability to speed through verses, Akarti ensures that his name will be climbing the charts.

Akarti dives into the process, “Basically I was at home browsing through beats and I couldn't really find anything that I was vibing to. I had already booked studio time so I had to go up there with nothing prepared. Then we started browsing through some beats and we found that one beat that had the vibe to it. We wanted to have some fun with it so that's why the song ended up being I’m feeling myself type of song and that's how the infamous line in the song was created ‘I’m a bit of a dick, that's why she addicted’

Everybody says it reminds them of the track Doja by Central Cee.”


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