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  • Ellie McGuire

Alex Aureo Presents Debut Single ‘Swear to Defend’

Alex Aureo enters the music scene with his debut single ‘Swear to Defend’; an intimate offering showcasing his remarkable production and vocal ability to captivate listeners.

From tattooing to releasing his debut musical offering, Alex Aureo is taking the music scene by storm as he encapsulates the qualities of strength and determination on ‘Swear to Defend’. The airy atmosphere provides listeners with a slow and stratospheric journey into the essence of the tune.

The stripped-down version of 'Swear to Defend' is released ahead of the longer version to follow. The song is remorseful and optimistic about the past and future, with a Lewis Capaldi-like and a ‘Hallelujah’ vibe.

On the single, Alex Aureo says, “It's the perfect ‘wedding song’ to play on an altar when she is walking down the aisle. It's a song about admitting to being imperfect and needing someone with us to support us. It uses the metaphors of nature to show the complexity of relationships and life (when a tree falls and blocks our way \ when a storm forms \ when the night comes). It's swearing to protect someone. ‘Till the end.”

Be sure to check out, ‘Swear to Defend’.


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