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Alex Krawczyk captures a dreamy atmosphere on the beautiful new single 'Space Between Us'

When she first emerged with her stunning debut album 'Le Olam' last year, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Alex Krawczyk was greeted as one of the more tender names emerging that year. And with a wealth of praise under her belt since then, she has continued her vibrant rise with a string of singles, leading to her latest dreamy offering 'Space Between Us'.

Honing more of that emotive folk-pop direction she has quickly earned a reputation for these last twelve months, 'Space Between Us' sits as one of her most endearing cuts to date. With a lofty appeal that elevates her sweet and shimmering voice from start to finish, she is showing exactly why so many have been flocking to her recently.

Describing the new track, she calls it a "testament to the power of music in bringing people together, regardless of the distances that may separate them."

This past year has certainly been a whirlwind experience for her, but 'Space Between Us' shows she still holds a beautifully embracing heart that carries her vibrant songwriting ever forward. Rich and immersive at every turn, we are more than eager to see where she takes her sound next.

Enjoy 'Space Between Us' below.

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