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Alex Roberts releases folk-infused album Love & Supernatural

Acclaimed folk artist Alex Roberts has bought a new lease of life into his album Love & Supernatural with a new remaster. The album showcases the power of the voice-guitar combo, as Alex masterfully conjures up different emotions. Listeners will be able to find Alex's most vulnerable moments on the album, and he's included these moments in to help his audience find solace within his music.

Tracks such as 'By the Sour’ are a perfect example of his vulnerability within music. Whereas tracks such as 'To Abeona’ feel a lot more uplifting. It's clear the album has something on it for everyone.

Alex’s fantastical life takes form beyond his music. A self-professed enthusiast of magic, synchronicity and the ancient practices of pre-Christian Europe, Roberts enjoys life outside the confines of the modern rat race. These troubadourist influences are front and centre across Love & Supernatural – an album less your standard collection of songs and more an epic recounting adventures big and small.

The remastered album updates the original 2013’s tracks, and adds 5 new live bonus performances for fans to enjoy. Love & Supernatural (2022) will also see Alex Robert’s discography become available across the major streaming platforms for the first time.



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