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Alexander Joseph unveils the beautifully warm new EP 'Stop And Breathe'

When he first emerged with his breakthrough debut EP 'Anything Is Possible' back in 2019, UK singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph was instantly marked as one of the more progressive names to have arrived that year. And with a wealth of much-loved outings under his belt in the years since, he returns to unveil his beautifully warm new EP 'Stop And Breathe'.

Honing another heady dose of riveting folk-pop ideals and emotive lyrics once again, his latest collection marks a wonderfully bold and dynamic moment in his ever-growing catalogue to date. Filled with vibrancy within its production and his own spellbinding vocal performance, 'Stop And Breathe' feels like a vital step forward within his musical evolution so far.

While there has hardly been a moment when Alexander Joseph hasn't been at the top of his creative game, his newest EP shows that there is still plenty of innovation in which to work with. Brimming with bright and alluring songwriting at every turn, 'Stop And Breathe' is a wondrous return for him.

Enjoy 'Stop And Breathe' below.


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