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Aliza Hava delivers comforting rock-tinged track "Emotion Tide"

Award-winning singer-songwriter Aliza Hava delivers a healing message on embracing and overcoming heartache on soothing production “Emotion Tide.”

Crafting an effortless blend of sultry Spanish guitars with luscious electric and acoustic guitars, layers of keys and analog sounds all carried by her soulful vocals, the rock-tinged paints a picture of comfort and of emerging stronger after a difficult time.

With poetic lyricism that reminds us to let ourselves feel and express heartache to move on from it, “Emotion Tide,” is vulnerable yet uplifting rooted in Hava’s trademark for unveiling both hope and honesty in her music.

Speaking of the track, Aliza says, “We all know people often hold back their tears in an effort to be strong. But true healing can only happen when we allow those tears to fall and cleanse us of the grief of a broken heart.”

Featuring a roster of talents including keyboardist, Dean Dinning (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and bassist Michael Visceglia, Suzanne Vega's musical director, the track is accompanied by a stunning cinematic music video produced and directed by Matthew Freiheit in Los Angeles.

“Emotion Tide,” gives us the first glimpse of a forthcoming album which explores overcoming trauma via spiritual perspectives on life and the idea of reclaiming a sense of peace.

A self-taught musician who found solace in music as a young child, Aliza Hava has built an empowering artistry that transforms trauma into triumph within an intricate fusion of folk, rock, pop, and R&B.

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