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  • Alice Smith

Alt-R&B Rising Star Troy Javelona Releases ‘For You’ EP

South West UK’s rising star, Troy Javelona, has recently released his latest EP ‘For You’. The release is a showcase of his refreshing take on alternative R&B sound. The independent artist is making a strong impression with this EP, which follows on from the huge success of his previous two-track EP ‘Call Me’ and viral hit ‘Go Away’. With ‘Go Away’, Troy swept TikTok by storm with the track, accumulating over 2 million views and over four million streams on Spotify alone. Since that incredible success, Troy has been steadily establishing himself as a significant figure in the UK alt-R&B scene by releasing a string of EPs and singles. 

Throughout the EP, Troy navigates the complexities of love with heart-on-his-sleeve-type lyrics. The EP kicks off with the irresistibly catchy ‘Call Me’ and transitions seamlessly to the smooth, laid-back vibes of ‘Letting Go’. The title track, ‘For You,’ stands out as a potential summer anthem, driven by a dynamic drum line and buoyant bass. Synths subtly complement Troy’s outstanding vocals, which share perhaps the catchiest chorus of the whole EP. His signature ‘lover-boy’ indie style is the core of this EP, as his signature catchy melodies adorn each of the tracks. The whole EP is filled with slick guitar riffs, memorable hooks, and rich harmonies that create a lush sonic landscape. It’s made even more remarkable by the fact that Troy Javelona self-produces all of his music from his bedroom.

Speaking on the creation process, Troy shares; “Creating this EP from my bedroom has allowed me to authentically explore my experiences and emotions. The bedroom is my safe space where I can truly be myself.”

While staying true to alt-R&B traditions, Troy’s music isn’t just a tribute; it’s a compelling evolution of his influences, blending pop and rock elements seamlessly. There’s no doubt that this release will elevate Troy Javelona’s career even further this year. His innovative take on alt-R&B has already garnered attention in the indie scene worldwide, and ‘For You’ solidifies his status as an exciting rising star in the R&B genre.



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