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Alternative Artist HILTON Drops Music Video for Track "BONES"

Following the release of his fourth single this year "BONES", Michigan-born Los Angeles-based alternative artist HILTON drops the cinematic, thrilling music video for the single. After the song pushed him the furthest he's ever been from his comfort zone, the track became something of a realisation; challenging himself to do whatever he can to blend genres and deftly produce music that he feels is vulnerable and universal.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Bones” HILTON states, “When I started writing ‘Bones’ I thought it was a very strange chord progression, and just a weird vibe overall. It made me feel sort of uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what the first couple lines meant, or if they made any sense at all. Something told me to push through however, and see what might come of these odd sounds. From that point forward ‘Bones’ came together in the most effortless, magical way.”

The video was a labour of love... despite the world working against HILTON to get it made. "Making the 'Bones' music video was one of the wildest experiences of my life. There were so many unexpected happenings on the day of the shoot, from weather being sketchy, to a lead role actress not showing up," he states. "But everything ended up falling into place better than we could've possibly imagined. I'm super proud of this video, grateful for Alex Schmitt letting me co-direct, and for everyone who was involved. The final product is pretty dang epic in my opinion, and I hope the world feels that energy as well."

Utilizing every moment to write songs, HILTON blended his own influences with his roommates, culminating in a sound that mixes everything from R&B, funk, and hip-hop, combined with his dark, pop-rock roots. This perseverance and determination is what sets HILTON apart from others in his genre; doing whatever he possibly could to reach his dreams and refusing to settle for complacency when crafting his sound. Since releasing his debut artist project at the start of 2021, HILTON has garnered over 200k accumulated streams and will continue to release music throughout the rest of the year.

Check out the video for HILTON's track "Bones" now


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