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Alto Key and Luke White release heartfelt pop anthem ‘for you’

Alto Key has used social platforms to a great deal of success growing his musical platform across social media, making a name for himself in the industry and gathering 1.8M followers. Luke White has performed across the UK, supporting Billy Lockett and Newton Faulkner, as well as working with major labels on various projects. Now the pair come together for new single ‘for you’

‘for you’ is an optimistic but realistic track about keeping a relationship together, working to flourish and grow as partners. Built around a bouncy acoustic line and energetic synth melody, the anthemic drums and piano chords help to outline the gorgeous lyricism. Both Luke White and Alto Key put in excellent vocal performances, showing off their musicianship, and soaring but alone and when singing as a duo. This track is one with deep emotional connection, wrapped up in the shell of an excitable pop song.

The pair comment, “We wanted to write a song for our partners. As music artists we could relate about the hardships of being musicians and the strain it puts on our relationships. Whilst it's an upbeat summer song, the core message is very personal and a reminder that there's more to life than being busy all the time and chasing our passions.”



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