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  • Nova Holmes

Amsterdam native Mar Omin delivers deeply reflective alternative-soul track

Formerly known as Mar, Mar Omin hails from Amsterdam. Raised on a houseboat, surrounded by live music from a young age; rhythm and tone flows through his blood. Inspired by quiet introspective reflection, his forthcoming self-produced debut album, Extricate, is nothing but therapeutic.

Sensitive, emotionally intelligent, progressive, and ambitious, each track expresses a complex universe of feelings and thoughts, delivered with a low-key, simple kind of clarity. Reaching soul-deep, communicating fragility and vulnerability, channeled through love and honesty, he is a truly timeless vocalist and poet.

His latest offering, 'Little Bird’ is a dark, reflective, and sad alternative-soul track packed with layered synths and a cacophony of strings, complimenting his vocal range and production style creating an undeniably moody addition to his music catalogue.

Following the self-realisation that he had been trap in a cycle negative self belief and toxic relationships, Omin sought to seek something new and free himself from them with the help of guitarist Daniel Male, vocalist Szjerdene plus strings and cello from Sander Molder.

“‘Little Bird’ is about the interaction I experience between me and my negative self belief, personified. How the negativity wants to keep me insecure and feeling low and feeds off that energy. The vocals in the verses and the bridge represent me, the pre hooks and hooks are the voice of the negative me.” - Mar Omin

Stream 'Little Bird' below:


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