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Andrew Flynn delivers vibrant anthem ‘True Love Is Inside You’

Andrew Flynn has released an evocative new single ‘True Love Is Inside You’. Opening with flowing strings and acoustic arpeggio, the track bursts into an invigorating self-love anthem. Andrew delivers a truly passionate vocal performance, compelling listeners to have a thought for themselves amid romance. Huge instrumental arrangements drive forward the powerful performance, with vibrant melodies crashing around the lyrics in gorgeous harmonies whilst momentous drums drive forward the rhythms.

Andrew shares a comment on the track, ”I wrote this song as a reminder that when you feel deep love for someone that those emotions of love are being generated inside of us. That love is always accessible as it is self generated. I discovered this for myself a few years back as I was going through a painful breakup, and even though I was sad I could close my eyes and imagine a moment in time with that person, and I felt the feeling of love again. It really was a wonderful thing to know I had not lost love, it belonged to me the whole time.”

Andrew describes himself as a proud queer music artist, creating drama with each and every new release. By day, the artist works as a psychotherapist, but by night, he allows his songwriting to shine through rich emotional rollercoasters. Seeing press acclaim for both his debut single ‘About Love?’ and follow-up ‘Narcissist’, the artist continues to pursue music that comes straight from the heart, embracing the past and letting it drive the future.


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