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Annie Keating captures a heartfelt atmosphere on her latest album 'Hard Frost'

Photo: Ehud Lazin

Ever since she first emerged, New York's Annie Keating has been one of the brightest lights on the current Americana scene. With a flurry of highly-praised LPs and singles under her belt these last two decades, she shows no signs of slowing down as she delivers her latest studio album 'Hard Frost', a record brimming with vibrant aesthetics throughout.

Teaming up with regular guitarist/producer Teddy Kumpel, who also produced her 2021 full-length 'Bristol County Tides', the pair continue to explore the same multitude of warm and invigorating textures that she has become synonymous with of late. Forever yearning to pull on our heartstrings as often as possible, 'Hard Frost' sees her in a renewed light that captures a beautifully heartfelt atmosphere from start to finish.

As an artist that has almost twenty years of writing and performing under her belt, Annie Keating is still showcasing some of the best work of her career yet again. Rarely faltering or hitting a bum note throughout, her latest collection is a beautifully composed listen that comes with plenty of surprises and a powerful allure impossible to ignore.

Enjoy 'Hard Frost' below.


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