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Apidae releases illuminated new single 'All I Need'

With impressive synth work and ever genre pushing rhythms, Apidae is an artist with an ear for arrangement and production. The London-based project of multi-instrumentalist Greg Hummell, Apidae has grown from a solo project into a collaborative effort, as Greg works with a wide range of artists to create his track. He currently has his sights on an upcoming album.

His latest release is built around an energetic pairing of acid-esque synths and sloshy drums. Contrasted as the song builds by a calming piano part and idyllic, reverb-drenched vocals. More synth layers continue to pass by, growing the piece into a celestial production masterclass, becoming an texturally expansive piece of art without you even noticing. When the track ends, you suddenly release the soundscape you’ve just left, and how incredible the feeling it gave you was.

On the new release, Apidae says, “All I Need is a further expression of the sonic theme of the album, the composite of organic and synthetic sounds and instrumentation. Its fundamental motif is a nylon string guitar and midi sequenced arpeggiator that play exactly the same part throughout the entire song, note-for-note, with the intention of blending into a single voice. Between them, the pronouns ‘you’/‘your’ and ‘I’ repeat about 45 times throughout the song, more than once a line on average. But the song was never written as a conversation between two people, more a communication with less controllable aspects of oneself. Things that sometimes feel as if they’re creations of a separate consciousness – endorphins, hormones and chemical signals.”



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