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APW releases infectious R&B single "JUNIOR VERDE"

APW wears his heart on his sleeve in his latest release 'JUNIOR VERDE,' whilst telling a story about a lover chasing a dangerous lifestyle. Heavenly sounding Gospel backing, Jazz infusion and Latin-inspired brass ebb and flow between his emotionally-penned vocal. The cocktail of different inspirations comes from his own musical and personal background. Originally from Manchester, APW is a Queer, working class boy, influenced by genres such as R&B, Soul, Disco and Pop.

Discussing the new single further, APW shares:“The track's inspiration comes from watching my ex chase life on the hedonistic treadmill, never satisfied. Then hitting up his dealer "junior verde" for a high. The track's sound is heavily influenced by the narrative, with the key changing after every chorus to represent another joint being smoked. I used Latin inspired percussion (as my ex is South American) and also grinder and lighter effects to create a soundscape underneath the lyrics, as well as creating some airy backing vocals.”

With his influences combined, APW is mixing contemporary with his unique storytelling lyrics, with an essence of honesty and humour. With such a great sound, we can't see what he releases next.



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